Archived press releases

Archived Press Releases

BSA 32: Support for death penalty

13 January, 2016
Fewer than half of people in Britain back the death penalty – the first time support has dropped below 50% since NatCen began asking the public its view on capital punishment in 1986.

BSA 32: Five years of coalition government

26 March, 2015
The 32nd annual NatCen British Social Attitudes Report examines how the public has responded to this changing political landscape and to the policies of the Coalition Government.

BSA 31: Being British today

17 June, 2014
Debates about identity, integration and inclusion have rarely left the headlines this year. We have witnessed politicians disagreeing over immigration, Scottish independence and what it means to be British. But what do the British public think about these issues?

BSA 30: 30 years of insight

10 September, 2013
NatCen's 30th annual report into British Social Attitudes reveals a swing in public attitudes to welfare. Following a long-term decline, the latest report shows a rise in support for state benefits.

BSA 29: Anxiety Britain

17 September, 2012
Drawing on three decades of data, and spanning three recessions and seven elections, the report assesses how the public is reacting to economic difficulty and the toughest cuts in public spending since the Second World War.