Funding British Social Attitudes

Interested in understanding what the British public thinks about the issues important to you? It is now possible to fund questions on the British Social Attitudes survey.      


British Social Attitudes is the UK’s most important and longest running survey of public opinion. The survey is based on the most robust methodology and highly respected in Westminster, academia and on Fleet Street. The trend data covering more than 3 decades are a unique resource in UK social science, allowing us to track social change since the 1980s.


What do funders get?

You can fund anywhere from 5 to 50 questions on the survey with a sample of between 1,000 and 3,000 people. You can also access more than 30 years’ worth of trend data, an array of demographics and have the opportunity to be part of the British Social Attitudes Report.

  • Trends over time: If you are funding questions that have been asked before then you can combine your results with the earlier data to update the time series, in some cases dating back to 1983.
  • Demographic data: It is possible to analyse your questions by demographic data, from class, education, age and sex to region. The dataset also includes a wide range of other characteristics: our standard questions include political affiliation, employment, identity and income.  
  • The British Social Attitudes report: Your questions can be part of our flagship annual British Social Attitudes report. Or, if you would prefer, can be published separately.

Why British Social Attitudes?

  • Robust method: A truly representative survey. We use random probability sampling and face to face interviewing to ensure that our findings give an accurate view of the British public.
  • Influence: Politicians rely on the British Social Attitudes survey to see what the public thinks about the big issues of the day, to track social change and predict where attitudes will be in the future.
  • Impact: Every year the survey reaches millions of people through the media, reported in hundreds of articles and TV and radio news programmes; mentioned in thousands of tweets; and discussed in Parliament.


What others say about British Social Attitudes

  • "Demolishes several myths about who we are and what we think..."
    Financial Times
  • "...a highly respected annual study..." 
    The Times
  • "The British Social Attitudes study is so valuable. I use it in my teaching every year." 
    Professor Anthony Heath, Oxford University
  • "People like me usually never get asked their opinion." 
    Study participant


Find out more

If you’re interested in funding some BSA questions, please contact a member of the BSA team at