Post-Brexit public policy

Post-Brexit public policy

How should Britain use its newly acquired sovereignty?

Once the UK has left the EU single market and customs union the UK government will acquire responsibility for a range of policy areas that have until now been subject to collective EU decisions. This chapter looks at attitudes towards some of the key decisions that the UK will now make in some of these areas – immigration policy, food and farming regulation, and the regulation of consumer goods and services. It both assesses attitudes among the public as a whole and examines to what extent ‘Leavers’ hold different views from ‘Remainers’.


Remain voters are less likely than Leave supporters to say that EU citizens should have to apply in the same way as non-EU migrants if they wish to come to live in the UK. But even among those who would have preferred the UK to stay in the EU there is limited enthusiasm for the EU’s free movement rules.

Support for requiring prospective EU migrants who want to come to live here to apply in the same way as people from outside the EU, by EU referendum vote


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