Archived press releases

Archived Press Releases

BSA38: Key findings press release

21 October, 2021

BSA38: Work and health press release

21 October, 2021

BSA38: Social inequality press release

21 October, 2021

BSA37: Key time series press release

29 October, 2020
British Social Attitudes survey reveals softening of attitudes towards welfare and immigration

BSA37: Brexit press release

8 October, 2020
After four years of Brexit, British Social Attitudes reveals voters’ hopes and fears for life outside the EU

BSA37: Social inequality in England and Scotland press release

29 October, 2020
Just 3% in Scotland and 6% in England say British government is successful in reducing divide between high and low earners

BSA37: Fairness and justice in Britain

26 November, 2020
How fair is British society? Six in ten think wealth differences are unfair and less than half think people ‘get what they deserve’

BSA37: Family life press release

11 March, 2021
‘Gendered double standard’ in attitudes to working mothers

BSA36: Emergency care press release

14 August, 2019
Majority of Brits think A&E services are overused but half think it is hard to get a GP appointment

BSA36: Religion press release

11 July, 2019
Number of atheists more than doubles in two decades as less than half of Brits express confidence in Churches

BSA36: Women and work press release

11 July, 2019
A third of Brits say parental leave should be evenly shared, but around half still think it’s best that mothers do most of the childcare

BSA36: Key findings press release

11 July, 2019
A Britain that is losing its religion, has faith in science and is adopting more liberal ideas about sex and relationships

BSA35: A Greatly Divided and United Britain: British Social Attitudes

10 July, 2018
With the Brexit process far from concluded and new global challenges creating future uncertainties, this year’s British Social Attitudes survey finds a country that is at the same time growing together and growing apart.

BSA 34: Record number of Brits with no religion

5 September, 2017
The proportion of people in Britain who describe themselves as having no religion is at its highest ever level.

BSA 34: Survey reveals Britain wants less nanny state, more attentive parent

28 June, 2017
Britain wants the state to open its wallet, keep a watchful eye to keep us safe, but let us live our private lives how we wish.

BSA 33: Only 1 in 3 trust the Government to make sure food is safe to eat

18 August, 2016
Only 1 in 3 people trust the Government to make sure food is safe to eat, according to a new report from NatCen's British Social Attitudes survey, which uncovers for the first time who the British public trust when it comes to the food supply chain.

BSA 33: Family, friends and work seen as having biggest impact on mental wellbeing

4 August, 2016
Nine in ten people say they are confident they know what it means to have good mental wellbeing according to a new report from NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey.

BSA 33: Big majority believe immigration increases pressure on schools and hospitals

3 July, 2016
New findings from NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey reveal widespread public concern that immigration is creating pressure on the NHS and on schools, but that concern about the economic and cultural impact of immigration has fallen.

BSA 33: Britain Divided? Public Attitudes after seven years of austerity

30 June, 2016
NatCen Social Research today released the 33rd annual British Social Attitudes report. This year's report focuses on how straightened times have affected how we feel about class, public spending and the workplace. We uncover a Britain that believes that the class divide has widened and which is feeling the impact of austerity, but is split over how to respond.

BSA 33: Men and middle-aged most sure of Brexit implications

25 May, 2016
There is considerable uncertainty about the likely implications of Britain leaving the European Union, but those who are interested in politics, the middle-aged and men are most likely to feel sure about what will happen.

BSA 33: Brits are deeply Eurosceptic, but may still vote to remain in the EU

14 January, 2016
New report uncovers widespread Euroscepticism among the British public, majority support for wide ranging reforms to the EU, and considerable concern about the cultural impact of the EU.

BSA 33: BSA suggests unrepresentative samples caused General Election polling error

14 January, 2016
Authored by leading psephologist, Prof John Curtice, this new report suggests that the polls called the General Election wrong primarily because the samples of people they polled were not adequately representative of the country as a whole.

BSA 32: Support for death penalty

13 January, 2016
Fewer than half of people in Britain back the death penalty – the first time support has dropped below 50% since NatCen began asking the public its view on capital punishment in 1986.

BSA 32: Five years of coalition government

26 March, 2015
The 32nd annual NatCen British Social Attitudes Report examines how the public has responded to this changing political landscape and to the policies of the Coalition Government.

BSA 31: Being British today

17 June, 2014
Debates about identity, integration and inclusion have rarely left the headlines this year. We have witnessed politicians disagreeing over immigration, Scottish independence and what it means to be British. But what do the British public think about these issues?

BSA 30: 30 years of insight

10 September, 2013
NatCen's 30th annual report into British Social Attitudes reveals a swing in public attitudes to welfare. Following a long-term decline, the latest report shows a rise in support for state benefits.

BSA 29: Anxiety Britain

17 September, 2012
Drawing on three decades of data, and spanning three recessions and seven elections, the report assesses how the public is reacting to economic difficulty and the toughest cuts in public spending since the Second World War.